Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cashback for Shop Online

Love to shop online. 
Looking for more great deals and more offers. 
This post is all about getting cashback for the things you've purchased online.

Interesting Right ?

  So you are a smart buyer? 

Do you prefer to shop online? 

How many time you will shop online in a month?  

More than once per month? 

Maybe twice per week? 

Well I guess you are at right place,

 I would like to dedicate this post for you.

  When comes to purchase things or services I will look for the best price. I will walk few shops before made up my mind. Same goes to my online shopping, I'll compare the prices on few different websites. I will short-list it and look for some promo codes or coupons for save more cash. And most of the time I will end up purchase goods ONLINE. Groupon, Lazada, Hermo and etc are some of the websites that I've made my online purchases. Most of the time, I'll booked my stays for my vacations through online too. 

  While looking for some promo code online few months ago, I found a website that pay me for buying things online. Ya ! SHOPBACK - where you can shop online on various websites and at the same time you can earn some cashback. (Cashback offers are for goods, services, hotel rooms and flight tickets that you purchased online.) 

How does it works ?

1. Sign Up

2. Browse for your favourite online stores and click on 
any store you want to visit to be re-directed to the store in a new tab

3.Choose on the STORE that you wanted to shop at 

Your Cashback will turn “Redeemable” once it has passed the pending period.You can find the pending period for each store in the store page under “Cashback redeemable within”.

You will be able to request for a payout of your Cashback into your bank account once you have accumulated a total of RM10.00 in “Redeemable” Cashback, exclusive of any Bonus Cashback.

Sign Up NOW and get RM 10 BONUS 
with the link on below

RM 5 will be credited to your ShopBack account upon sign-up
 and will receive another RM 5 upon making a first purchase.


You also can EARN EXTRA cashback with refer your friends to join SHOPBACK! 

Enjoy Shopping !

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