Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Last Minute Stay with LOWEST RATE

Haven't book hotel for your up coming trip?

Can't find a cheapest stay on last minute? 

Have to pay more for a stay? 

Wait ! Don't worry.

 I might have a solution for all of the problem on above.
I've discovered an app a year ago, where I can save a lots of money for a stay, even thou I make my bookings on last minute. I, myself made a last minute booking with that app twice for my recent stay at Penang for the Hot Air Balloon Festival on February.

So let me introduce to you,

Where you can book hotel room for the cheapest price on last minute.

You can earn more credits by inviting more friends.

Earn RM 4 credit for each redemption and 

earn RM 40 credit when they made their first booking.

Sometimes you might get a FREE stay for the credit you collect.
They are also giving away RM 50 credit on your Birthday.

How Does It Works ?

1. Install the App "HotelQuickly"

2. Sign Up.


4. Start Share with your friends and family via your Facebook / Twitter once per month and you will get an instant reward for sharing. 

How to make your last minute booking?

1. Choose your destination 

(Local or Oversea)

Firstly : Choose your LOCATION

Secondly : Filter out the actual location/types of hotel your looking for, 
such as (Luxury, Mid-Range or Standard) hotels.

Thirdly : Select the date for your check-in and check-out.
(normally there are only three to seven dates available in that list)

2. Compare and select the best hotel 

some hotels have free breakfast

 3. Last but Not Least ,

You can NOW  proceed to the payment.


I would like to share a promo code for my readers, 

With this promo code you will able to earn an instant credit worth RM 40 on your first booking.


Tried ! Booked! Experienced!


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