Thursday, April 16, 2015

After Twelve Years 。十二年后

  It's already been a long while, 12 years after I've graduated from my primary school. All those memories were still so fresh on my mind. The morning assemblies, teachers days, school sports days, and children days. Six years of primary school life was heaven. Nothing can replace those memories in me. 

  I've started my early education in a Chinese school named St.Micheal& All Angels 圣美嘉华校 located at Kampung Tawas, Tasek. The reason behind why my parents sent me to a Chinese school was a long story. So lets skip the boring flashback. But I'm really can't thank enough both of my parents for took a right decision way back then. 

  I have my same and small circle of friend since standard one these is because my school only have one class for every standard. Yeah its a really small school back then. There are 33 students in my class during i'm in standard six. 

  After standard six, that was exactly right after our UPSR exam first time ever all of us were separated to different path ways. We all went to few different secondary schools, new school new life and new friends. We're not able to meet each another after that. Only phone calls that also became very seldom because we were only able to call from house phone. (No hand-phone/No Facebook back then) I have lost contact with some of them too. Thanks to Facebook for gave me another chance to find them all in a short time.

  Last year when I met up with my girls, I suggested them that we should plan for a gathering very soon. So I took the initiative to gather them by create a private group chat in both Facebook and WeChat. We planned to meet up during Chinese New Year break because that was the only time all will be back to hometown for family reunion. So I fixed the place, date and time. It was not easy thou because I can't really figure out how many of them are going to attend the gathering.

  During the actual date (21 Feb 2015 年初四), this was the result who attended this gathering.




  Actually I'm so excited about this whole gathering at first but on the same time I'm quit worried too, I scared the whole reunion might turned to an awkward situation where there are no topics to talk about and everyone will busy staring on their phones. Yah, it was really a long gap, 12 years since our last Goodbye (people might changed). But luckily everything went out so well. We talked non stop for hours. We talked about our school day's memories and we also shared our current life stories. Some of them are going to get marriage this year (happy for them) and some just started to enter their working life after finish their studies. We really had a great time together after so long. 

  I really can't wait for our next reunion, most probably on next Chinese New Year or maybe for someone's marriage reception very soon. Hope next time more people will join us during the reunion. And before end this post I would like to thank my dear friends for make an effort to attend this reunion after 12 years and for not forgetting me =P . 

   For my dear readers you may share your reunion/gathering stories during Chinese New Year on the comment box below. Can't wait to read it. 


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