Friday, May 4, 2018

Life Lessons

People now days tend to take advantage of other people's kindness and mistook it for weakness.

All of this on below has become weakness now days based on my real life experience,  
  • when you decided to never harm or hurt anyone's feelings in return just because they have done something bad to hurt you in the past 
  • being a soft-heart person
  • forgive someone easily for their mistake
  • when you decided to keep silent when someone provokes you
  • when you decided to believe on someone blindly even after they did something bad to your in the past.

Yet when you decided to keep these people away from your life they will never quit or never actually got tired of provokes you to their own satisfaction. These are those people who never happy or satisfied with their own life. Sometimes I really have no idea of these people who actually treated you like an option and backstab you could have utterly zero remorse and zero shame to come back looking for you, pretend like nothing happened and expect you to treat them normally, yet they get mad when you don't do so.


Thursday, October 26, 2017


This is the post that I'm doubting on whether I should post it or just keep it on my draft since months ago. 

Someone I knew told me it is NOT fine to humiliate someone publicly, that's what makes me doubt on should I post this post on my blog at first place. But I keep on asking myself and that person is it fine to let someone humiliate others privately through online and putting/sending them mean online messages through email, instant messaging, chat rooms, or websites to make fun/hurt of someone else for their own satisfaction. 

Bullies tend to happen at workplaces, school, social media but when it comes to happen in a relationship it's really gone up to another stage and it is too difficult to accept whats really going on and how I'm supposed to react to it.

It took me sometimes to actual realized that I was a victim of a real-life bully and cyber-bullying. What I've gone through for receiving those mean messages from someone I don't even know personally, how I felt about myself for humiliated by a random stranger and how much pressure I went through for past one years.

p/s: I don't think there is a need for me to hide/blur out anyone's name or pictures on these post. 

When I decided to show this to the person who leads to all this, he did nothing to stop all these shits and it keeps on continuous. He told me all this happened because of envy. Wondering what's make her envy of me and why she is so desperate to ruin her own image by doing all these? Whats the point of having a pretty face with an ugly attitude and evil mind thoughts. 

Some people always want to be you in everything. They just jealous of what you have and always wanted to destroy or steal your happiness. And they will call you poor bitch who trying to live happily but deep inside they are just too lonely enough to turn into a bitch. And all they want is replace your place and seek for the same attention and started to call you as a bitch. 

What makes them think its fine to harass me. Definitely, it is NOT FINE. NOT OK! I did forgive her once even though she doesn't deserve a forgiveness never asked sorry for insulting me or use such words on me, that doesn't mean that you can keep on doing what you are good in order to hurt anyone you want!  

*I did post these on my account a few months ago because of 
nonstop pressure from someone who leads to all these shits I did remove that post. 

This whole thing is disturbing for some time and why I decided to write this post here is to here to TELL OUT LOUD that this is NOT OK

NOT OK! - to send any messages in order to hurt their feelings directly or indirectly.
NOT OK! - to look down at anyone.
NOT OK! - to HUMILIATE anyone privately or publicly

What if someone split the same words to you or family members,
will you just sit back and enjoy it?
When I keep quiet doesn't mean that I allow you to point your finger or split any words towards me. Your words already define who you are and what is your standard. Definitely, I can't reach your level of standard, for being such thick-skinned B. I will make sure there is no more next time!  

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Friday, April 28, 2017

AirAsia, where does my money go?

I was trying to purchase a flight ticket via online with AirAsia on last November. Everything went so well until the moment I've submitted my OTP and it took way longer than I ever expected. I didn't get any confirmation on the purchase that I have made. I was quit worry about it because never faced any situation like this before. So what I did next was open my MAYBANK2U account to check my current balance and the amount of money was already deducted from my account. So I recheck back whether there is any updated on my tickets on AirAsia website or even on my email, but I didn't receive any updates on the transaction I've done. 

Without any delay I've made a call to Maybank Customer Service Executive on that day itself for confirm whether that the transaction really took place or failed. So they checked for me on that and told me that money from my account was successfully paid to AirAsia. What I did next was searched online for AirAsia's customer care number and I found out that they don't have customer care line, so I did a LIVE CHAT with them.  

I ask that person online, did my purchases was successful? Why I haven't get my booking confirmation yet? I gave them the amount for that transaction and the names that I have done the bookings on. And this is what that person replied me 

and I was totally freaked. Because I used purchase things online frequently but never lead to this kind of problem before and this was not my first time purchasing flight ticket online. So followed the advise given to fill up the e-form. I've attached my bank transaction proof in that e-form. I've received my case number few days later. I also did a report at Maybank with hoping that the money might just stuck at Maybank and haven't paid out to AirAsia so hope they will track it and get back to me. 

All this while I was waiting for a reply from AirAsia about this issue but for past 5 months I didn't received any emails regard this case. I tried LIVE CHAT with them few time in this 5 months and every time I only got the same answer again and again. 

So what I did yesterday was I went for LIVE CHAT again and they gave me the same answer, they told me to wait so they will get back to me ASAP. OK ! I lost my patient. I was patiently waiting for past 5 months and yet again same answer. So I went to AirAsia's Facebook page and left a comment on their post. 

within an hour time after I post this on their Facebook, I got an email from AirAsia, 
There are 2 things that I have to mention here about this email. 
  1. for God Sake you guys took 5 months to just send me a reply like this. God damn 5 months !
  2. for your information that is not the amount for the transaction that I have done on that day. I already attached them that exacts amount on my e-form yet they just send me this.
Before get back to AirAsia, I made a call to my issuer bank (Maybank) again for make some clarification, maybe they might did a mistake somewhere. So I gave them a call and I've explained the whole thing to them and they told me that my report/case was closed and the money was already credit to my account. I was quit pleasant to hear that. So with some help from the person I looked back for my old transaction history to verify that I've already got that money bank. But there is no such amount was credited to my account for past 5 months. But if there is an activity on my account definitely I knew it, because I check my MAYBANK2U account regularly. The person from Maybank told me that he will check again about it and get back to me asap.

He called and he told me he made a call to the AirAsia's merchant bank and verified few things:
  • my transaction on that day was SUCCESSFUL
  • they(AirAsia) already sent me a verification/confirmation email  on my purchase
  • my ticket was burned because I didn't show up on the actual departure date, that was on January 2017.
( first at all I didn't received any email regard this for past 5 months and if the transaction was successful why they didn't add it to my AirAsia's account under my bookings. Secondly how come my actual departure date changed from May 2017 to January 2017?)

I was in anger. Everything seems not going well since the very beginning. No one response/replying my questions well. So I asked that guy from Maybank to look for me the AirAsia's contact number but that doesn't work. I submitted another e-form again and I wrote them this. the content was edited a bit

Can anyone help me with this issue? I need someone to talk with at AirAsia. I need a NUMBER. I need to know where does my money go? Can I get it back ? I was writing this because I can't go LIVE CHAT again, they not even helping at all. I already done everything I can and now I'm lost. Can anyone guide me on what should I do?